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May 3, 2022, 01:17 pm

Server Features!

- 11 professions a character can learn.
- 0 signatures on charters to create a guild.
- Quests always grant full experience upon completion.
- Creature kills always grant full experience upon kill.
- Map exploration always grant full experience upon discovery.
- Ignore raid group requirement when entering instances.
- Players free from gray until they reach level 30. then gray will start to attack them, until they reach max level.
- Aggro Radius reduced by half.
- Damage Fall reduce by half,
- Creature Flee Radius disable.
- Creature Assist Radius reduced by half.
- Death Sickness Disable.
- Disable disconnect on AFK.
- Autobalance
- Solo LFG Enable.
- Eluna Engine enable.
- Skip Death Knight Starting Area
- NPC Template
- NPC Buffer

- NPC Enchanter

- NPC Transmogrifier

- All other commands just type .menu

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