Server Rules

April 30, 2022, 12:44 am

Website Rules :


Spamming Comments is bannable.

Multiple accounts is not bannable.

If you will be voting on your multiple accounts you must be using a VPN ( Connectify as a suggestion ).

Advertising any server or advertising our server on ( other servers ) websites is bannable.

Advertising our server on wow emulation PS forums is not bannable.

Ingame Rules :


Anyone that spams (say/yell/world channels) will be muted or even banned.

Using any kind of Cheating is bannable.

Advertising for other servers is perma ban.

Insulting other players in ( say/yell/world channels) is bannable.

Spell Spamming to do any kind of bug / crash abuse is perma ban.

Bugging Creatures/Players/Scripts is bannable.

MultiBoxing is not bannable in PVE.

Farming Applications such as fishing bot or leveling bot is not bannable.

Auto Casting Addons / Applications is not bannable.

Advertising our server on other servers is bannable from both servers.

Note : Server Rules will be updated regularly!

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